Parent Recognition Day

For parent recognition day take each parent and ask them to come and spend a day with the child at the center. If they can not ask them to spend just 1 hour. Most will be able to get in 1 hour at the start or end of the day. Usually just 1 parent comes. Let the parent be able to do things with the child and help out. We have a little poem about our mommies and daddies that we have the child recite to the parent during our circle time. we also have the parent explain a little about what they do. They tell us about what they do at work or what they do at school or the older ones about what they are studying to be. The children love this part

On the actual parent recognition day have a little poem typed on fancy paper about our mommies and daddies. They each get to take one home with them. We also have cake and punch for the child and parent to have when they pick them up and we do a mommy and daddy finger play for them. If the parent’s can not all arrive around the same time we just have their child and the ones that are their if they wish to do the finger-play with them. This is an easy recognition idea and the parents don’t always like a big show over because of the time they have during the day.