Pajama Day

On Pajama Day we read the poem Hey Diddle Diddle and make a mobile of all the characters. The top of the mobile is a large moon made out of construction paper. We punch holes in it and tie on a cat, dog, cow, and a plastic spoon. We hang them around the room for all to enjoy!

Cut sheets of construction paper in half. Laminate the paper halves. Fold the paper halves again to create a pocket and staple these shut. Give each student one of these pockets along with ten Popsicle sticks. Ask children to line up their Popsicle sticks in the envelope. They now have “Ten in a Bed”. As you sing the song, they can practice counting backward from ten. They can take one stick out as you sing, “And one fell out!” When you get to the end and sing, “The little one said, I’m cold, I’m lonely, come back,” everyone can put their stick/children back in bed. This makes it easy to hand them back to the teacher.