Pajama Day

Pajama Day

Pajama Day

Pajama Day activities for preschoolers through second grade.

During our Kindergarten pajama party, we made Rice Krispies for a snack. The students made balls from the mixture and then covered them with powdered sugar. They thought it was great.

On pajama day have children bring their pillows and favorite bear. At snack time give each child a Ziploc bag filled with teddy grahams and marshmallow pillows.

At my son’s preschool, they have a Pajama Breakfast. The kids get to come to school dressed in their pj’s and they have pancakes and fruit as their “breakfast”. The kids love it.

We were studying the letter P for pajama day. We ate peanuts, popcorn, and pretzels. Our classroom also relaxed on a big comforter and watched the video P.B. Bear. It was a Perfect day!!

During circle time turn lights off and shut blinds if possible to make dark. Use a flashlight and tell add-on stories. The person with the light is the speaker.

On pajama day we always read the book “Pancakes! Pancakes!” by Eric Carle. After reading the story we then make pancakes with the children. Another idea they enjoy is to read the story “Green Eggs and Ham”, then make green eggs and ham for a snack!

On PJ day all five preschool teachers wear their PJ’s. (Newly purchased, always a good excuse to get something new for yourself!!) We also bring our own blanket and pillow. When the children arrive we are asleep in our rooms. This year 80 children walked right past me while I was asleep, and not even the orneriest child dared to wake me. We had a ball!! The children are absolutely sure that we live at preschool now.

We put out a gym mat and let the children lay on it and sang 10 in a bed as we did the children rolled off the mat.

Some songs that my preschoolers love any time of the year are perfect for that special “PJ” Day.. Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around…at the end, we can shut off the lights and say GOODNIGHT! Ten in the Bed…have them actually roll over on the mat…Lastly why not Hush Little Baby…When you wish upon a star…follow by making PB&J sandwiches…while watching Bananas in Pajamas…

Tie in the nursery rhyme Wee Willie Winkie and have the children act this out in their pj’s. You could also use the nursery rhyme Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and have them lay on their backs at naptime while you shine a flashlight through a Styrofoam cup with holes punched in — they can make this themselves during morning art by pushing round toothpicks through a Styrofoam cup. You can also sing Frere Jacques and act out.



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    Pancakes on a plate
    On our pajama day we always have pancakes with syrup for snack. Our craft to go along with it looks the same. Take a brightly colored snall paper plate. Then take a light brown sheet of fun foam and cut out two round (pancakes); also cut a small square of yellow fun foam (butter pat). Have the kids glue them in place on the plate. Lastly, mix together brown paint with a little water, and put in a small squeeze bottle. The children now squeeze this over the “pancakes” to make a “syrup” effect.

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    During circle time we read Llama llama red pajama by Anna Dewdney.
    We also bring in flashlights and make/discuss shadows on the wall.

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    We set up a relay game with the students in the gym. They are already in their pajamas and they have to run down to a mat where they put on slippers, a robe, and pick up a stuffed animal. They then run back and tag a friend to do the same thing. The first team to finish wins. We set this up in the gym and have the items on mats. Make sure the students are careful in their socks…it can be slippery.

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    We have the children bring their favorite stuffed animal and one of our activities is to have them do a “Pet Parade” and our director is the judge. We have pre-made awards filled out such as “Longest Tail”, Most Loved”, Smallest ears”, etc. We leave some blank so that we can fill in for special animals, (elephants, purple bears, etc.)The children put their animals on a table after the parade and sit with the teachers while the “Judge” awards each pet a special award. The looks on their faces when their pet wins something is priceless.

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