Owl Art

Cut out owl shapes to look like the owl is sitting on a branch (a horizontal “thin” rectangular piece sticking out on either side of the owl at the bottom. Use brown construction paper to make the owl cut-outs. Then, have the children glue on two cheerios for the eyes and a yellow construction paper triangle (pre-cut by teacher or have children cut their own. Next, have the children spread glue on the breast of the owl and the wings…and then cover the breast with oatmeal and the wings with pieces broken off a pine cone. The owl will have a very textured look! On the branch part…have the children glue on pretzel sticks.

I talk to the class about how owls look, while I draw an owl as they watch. They get a turn to draw an owl at the art table with a helper there to remind them “give the owl big eyes to see at night” etc… After their owl is drawn, I let them “peel” soft pine cones and glue the pine cone pieces on the owl for feathers.

Owl Art – another teacher came up with this idea which we are doing at the end of the week. Trace owl onto oak tag or cardstock, thick paper. Have children glue around entire owl shape and place beans (ex kidney) on the shape of the owl.

Straight out o mailbox magazine, we had children send in baby photos, then photo copied the owl picture, and made an outside brown owl in the same shape, the baby picture goes on the outside, with a saying “Who is it” and inside is the child’s name and birth date, Very good conversation and language skills!