Outer Space Science

To help the students learn the order of the planets I use an anagram sentence. “My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” I explain first letter of each word stands for a Planet. Mercury, Venus….

We learn the characteristics of the planets and the students can write a postcard, do a newscast, or creating an advertisement on my people would enjoy traveling to the planet.

The class also worked on a mobile of the planets with styrofoam balls and glow in the dark paint.

I use a large wardrobe box, and have the children help paint the inside of it. Once the paint is dry, I poke small holes in the top of the box and insert Christmas tree lights. The “stars” sparkle and glow to the delight of the children!

Creating Your Own Night Sky. Materials: Plastic or Styrofoam cup a pencil or screw driver paint (various colors) a flashlight

Have the children paint the cup then have the teacher poke various holes all over the cup.. then stick the flashlight inside the cup and turn it on.. (make sure you are in a dark room) have the cup facing the ceiling so the light reflects off the ceiling.

Make Slime

Very simple recipe.

1 standard cup Lux soap flakes to 2 Liters of warm water Add a bit of food coloring for extra interest. A mix of 4 cups of Lux flakes with 8 Liters of warm water will make a good sized mix for a group of children to play with.

The first day you make the mix it will be runny like water. Leave it overnight and when you see it again it will have set to a jelly consistency. The children will be amazed at the change (it amazed me!)

The best thing is if the children do spill any on themselves it is just soap and comes out in the wash without a problem.

Milky Way Galaxies

Large coffee can black construction paper to fit inside ping pong ball white paint mixed with Elmer’s glue Stars

Have children put black paper inside of the coffee can. Submerge ping pong ball in paint, spoon ball into can, put top on can, and shake the can. (the children love this part) Once they are finished shaking, they remove the paper, and place stars into their galaxy before paint/glue dries. These are beautiful, and reinforce the idea of the Milky Way.

Lite Brite Constellations

Everyone seems to have a Lite Brite so if you do you can easily make constellations. I punch out the design of well known constellations, also ones that are on a poster in front of the lite brite. Once the children do this activity, you can allow them to make their own constellations. It’s fun to hear what they would name their own constellations.