Outer Space Art

I had my pre-schoolers each take a piece of foil, about the size of a regular sheet of paper, and then put glue all over the paper. Then they glued foam multi-colored stars to the foil and then I hung the foil from the ceiling and it looked like their own constellations!

Star light, Star bright:

I cut out a big star shape and let the kids glue it onto to dark blue construction paper, they added gold glitter and sequins. I added the poem and ask them what their wish would be and put that on there as well, the kids loved it!

Paper plate earth:

simply let the kids paint a paper plate blue and I gavr them precut shapes that resembled the land on the globe. Quick easy and the kids liked it cause we had talked about where they live in space….earth!

Twinkling star crowns:

I made a hat from paperplates by cutting six triangles from the center of the plate but not all the way through ( so they are still attached) I let the kids use narker to decorate. Once they were done with that, I pressed the triangles so they stuck up and the kida added stars to the tips. Really cute and cheap on your supply budget!

Space ships:

I don’t know where I found this idea, somewhere on the internet. I hot glued small slurplie lids to a cd, one on top and one on the bottom of the cd. This resembled a spaceship. I let the kids paint and then add glitter. Once they were dry I added little pictures in the hole of the top slurpie lid to make it look as they were riding in their own little spaceship. The kids loved it so much!

Moon and star collage:

Simply enough, I let the kids use a star punch and punch out light blue, blue, and white stars. I gave them a pre-cut moon, or they can cut it. They glued al onto a black piece of construction paper ( I gave half pieces cause the stars were small) Simply and they liked the punching part. You star stickers.

marble painting orbiting planets.
I cut circles out of different coloured construction paper and the children glue them on to another piece of paper. I put a spoonful of paint onto the paper and let the children roll marbles around to create an orbiting planet effect.

Paper Mache Planets. Have the children decide which planet they would like to make, so you can help them with the appropriate size and color. Blow up balloons and cover with several layers of newspaper and paper mache paste. The last layer should be white paper. Tie a string of yarn hooked to a paper clip and add to the wet paste so that you will be able to hang it later. Let dry for 2 days. Paint, hang and have children tell you about their planet and why they picked it.

I buy small Styrofoam shapes at the craft store. If you have to buy larger shapes, you can cut them (i.e. cut circles in half, cut the bottom off of a large cone shape, etc.) Supply the children with different materials, ruffly cocktail picks, flag picks, pipe cleaners, bendable straws in fluorescent colors (cut down) and let them make satellites which you can hang around. Also let them dab fluorescent paint or glue onto their satellites. Twist the pipe cleaners into odd shapes and provide some background for the children about the purpose of satellites in space. The kids have a ball with this.

Paint a easel size piece of paper with black, blue and purple paint. Encourage the children to use large strokes and cover the entire paper. Let dry. Add sticker stars, stars cut from silver and gold Mylar “tissue” paper or construction paper.