Opposite Games

Get 16 craft sticks. On eight of them write opposite actions like up, down, in, out, forward, back, fast and slow. I put these in a cup. On the other eight I write actions that can be done in this manner like, crawl, walk, skip, run, roll etc. I put these in another cup. I make a big circle or square out of tape on the floor and for the in and out ones. Then a child picks a stick from each cup and we try it. For example he might pick out crawl and backwards so all the kids try that. if the child were to choose in and walk then we all try to walk in the circle. It is a lot of fun and the kids like to choose sticks over and over again.

I like to have a crazy opposites day with my class. Everyone dresses in opposites. For example: one white sock/shoe and one black, one side of hair in pony tail the other side down, etc. The children have fun with it!

I line up the chairs to make a bus. I choose one child to be the driver. I ask each child the for the opposite of a word I say (I say boy they say girl). If they are correct they get to get a seat on the bus. I continue until all the children are on the bus. When the bus is loaded the driver gets to pick a pretend place we are going. All the children they help to make the motor sound until the bus driver stops. Pick a new bus driver each time.