Opposite Art

For mothers day we made silhouettes of the kid’s profiles. It struck me at the time that we should have done it for opposites week because the results are very dramatic in showing the difference between black and white.

I have the child sit on a stool and shine a light from one side on to the wall. tape a piece of black paper on the wall and then trace their profile. It is *much* easier if you have a helper with this to either gently hold the child’s head or to entertain them for 10 seconds while you trace. You will have to adjust the light a little to get a nice crisp line but it depends on the distance the light is from the wall. After you trace, just cut out and mount on white paper and then again on black tag board. It looks fabulous.

To show the difference between little and big, I had the children place their hand in paint and then make a handprint on a piece of construction paper. Next I had one of our teachers make their handprint right next to it. This worked well with a toddler class ages 2 – 3 yrs old.

To work on the opposite of top/bottom or above/below, I covered the top of a table with bulletin board paper. I also covered the underneath side with paper. The children were given crayons, markers, and chalk to decorate the paper. Some worked on the top, some on the bottom, then switched. I added bean bags under the table for them to lay on. The occupational therapist loved this, because of the different muscles being used and the stabilization involved. The kids loved being ‘under’ the table.