Olympic Games

Turn a corner of your room into an ice skating rink. You will need quilt batting, and a plastic table cloth. Lay the batting out on the floor, cover with table cloth, tape to floor. Children love taking their shoes off and “gliding” over the ice.

After teaching the children the Kookaburra song, I distributed 15 gumdrops to each child. We counted the gumdrops, sorted each color and graphed the amounts.

My 4’s and 5’s had great time playing “tennis” with fly swatters and balloons. The center line was a row of chairs or desks. This can be modified to “hockey” or relay races.

During the summer we have elementary students at our preschool. They range in age from 6-10. I was their teacher for the summer. The children enjoyed our own summer Olympics. We had some socks donated so I made a game out of them and called it sling sock. You take the tube sock and put a ball inside the children then twirl it above their heads and then they let it go to see who could throw it the farthest. I never heard them laugh so much.

Mini Olympics

We have our own mini Olympics complete with opening ceremonies, a variety of games, and award ceremony. This is one of the highlights of the summer. One staff member oversees each “sport” and the children move freely around the playground participating in as many event as they choose. Some of the games we have are: Standing Broad Jump- We mark off inches and feet on a long piece of heavy paper and laid it in the sand area. Let children take turns jumping to see how far they can jump.

Javelin- Let the children throw straws to see how far they go.

Discus Throw- Use paper plates

Shot Put- Ping pong balls or a paper ball

Basketball throw (I know this is winter Olympics but we do it anyway)

Volleyball- we put up the little tykes net that we have and play a simplified version of volleyball where the children catch the ball and toss it back across the net.

Relay races- We don’t have teams run against each other. Just have the children run a distance passing off a “stick” made of rolled up paper rolled up paper their teammates. They enjoy just doing that.

Obstacle course- Set up an obstacle course using things to crawl through and over. We time each child and tell them how many seconds it took.

Bicycle Races- Use a stop watch to let each child know how many seconds it took for them to run a course.