Olympic Art

I teach a special education preschool class with multiple disabilities. In celebration of the Olympics, I took small paper plates and cut out the center. (To save time and energy, I used an Ellison machine to make quick even circles.) I then gave five circles to each child and allowed them to paint each “ring” — one blue, one black, one red, one yellow, and one green. We then stapled the rings together after they had dried. They looked great and the children really enjoyed trying to paint in a circle!

Olympic Rings Our 4 year olds decorated 5 cardboard rings by scrunching the appropriate colored tissue paper and gluing onto each ring. These were interlocked and became a lovely mural.

Olympic torch We pre-drew a picture of the torch onto the front of 2 pieces of paper which were stapled together. The children cut out this design, cutting around the outside of the staples, so the two pieces of paper stayed together. They then looked at the colors and design of the torch and recreated this with collage materials. These were then stuffed with shredded paper and pieces of red/yellow and orange cellophane were placed in the very top for the flame. The top was then stapled together to keep the paper in and the cellophane pieces in place. We used these to practice running with the Olympic torch!

Olympic ring biscuits We bought packets of coconut ring biscuits and the children mixed up icing and colored it with food coloring (same as the rings) They then iced the coconut rings to create their own Olympic ring that they could eat!

To make the Olympic torch I cut a torch base (gray) and then have the children do the flames using their handprints. My class (toddlers) paints the “flames” using their hands, while an older class could trace and cut their hands. Doing this on black background really makes the flames stand out.

In addition to painting with the colors of the Olympic rings, the kids can make their own rings even if they can’t draw a circle. Just give them a toilet paper tube and have them dip and print.

Olympic rings. Buy various sizes of plumber plungers which unblock kitchen drains. Select colors and cover floor space for the children to lift plunger out of paint trays and make interlocking circles on large piece of paper. After the children have tried this on their own, ask if two friends would like to work together. Any left over paint may be used to make wrapping paper covered with bright circles. An easy way to celebrate the beginning of the Olympics.