Old Testament Snacks

Try this snack with the Bible story from Joshua 6:1-16,20. Joshua and the battle of Jericho is the story of how the Hebrew people captured the walled city of Jericho.

TASTY TRUMPETS Enjoy a snack of Bugle Chips with your preschool class. Pretend to blow the tiny horns! Tell your children the story of how the priests led the people around the walls of Jericho. When the priests blew their trumpets, the people shouted, and the walls fell down!

The story of Daniel and the lions in found in Daniel 6. Try this easy snack that’s sure to please.

LION CRACKERS Make a snack of lion crackers. Use any round cracker and squeeze cheese to make the lion’s mane. Add raisin eyes.

Fruit People–I use this snack idea when teaching about Adam and Eve. Place a pear half (one per child) as the body and a peach half as the head on the child’s paper plate fat side down. Cut slits in the peach and insert raisins for eyes, nose and a mouth. Cut a slit in the pear half and insert a cherry half into the indentation as a heart. Arrange mandarin orange slices as the arms and legs. It is so cute!

When teaching about Noah’s Ark, we made this ark snacks and the children loved them! Cut a pita bread in half, so that it resembles an ark. Let the children spread peanut butter and jelly inside the pita bread with plastic knives. Then give the children an assortment of animal crackers to place inside of their arks! Eat and enjoy!

This is an idea I had when teaching about David (in the Bible) killing a bear and a lion. A pineapple ring becomes the lions head, carrot shavings or shredded cheese becomes the mane. Raisins or chocolate chips become the eyes. Viola! An edible lion!

Bible friends snacks–Bible Bread

God provides Bread for Elijah
God meets our needs 1Kings 17:7-16

You will need: bowl, mixing spoon, oven, cookie sheet, measuring utensils.

1.Mix 1 cup of flour and 1/2 tsp salt together.
2.Mix 1/4 cup of vegetable oil and 3 Tb milk. Add it to the flour and salt.
3.Blend the mixture. Add more flour, if the dough is sticky,add more milk if dough is too dry.
4.Divide the dough. Pat each piece into a flat cake or use a rolling pin.
5.Make small holes in each cake with a fork.
6.Bake at 475 for 6 minutes or until brown aroung the edges.