Old Testament Science

To help the children learn that Noah built an Ark, we color a pattern of a tool belt, hammer and saw. They wear the tool belt with yarn. I also bring some small scraps of wood and lightweight hammer. The children get to nail two pieces of wood together. I use a 2×4 scrap and 1/4″ plywood scrap. The children wear safety glasses. I start the nail and they finish while I hold the wood. I do this with 3 year olds and this year, my fingers did not get hit at all! Lots of fun and eye/hand coordination.

This is a way to explore the colors of God’s rainbow. You may choose to explore one color or many. Gather 6 – 8 clear glass or plastic jars (glass works better). Fill each jar with water. Then, drop several drops of food coloring (one color per jar) in the jar. Ask the children what in God’s world is that color. This works great for a study of Noah’s ark. Use 7 jars, one for each primary color and explore! Use charting paper to list their answers. (Great exposure to the written word.) Enjoy!