Old Testament Games

Recently when studying David and Goliath, I had some very energetic young boys in my class. I had to be careful about the activity because the adult class was on the other side of our wall. I measured a butcher sheet of paper 6 feet long and attached this to our wall (it was so long that I actually had to fold it up onto our ceiling). For a slingshot, I took felt and cut it in the shape of a foot, hole punched it on each long end, and then tied a string onto each end. Then I took kitchen sponges and cut them into squares for the stones. The children had a great time trying to work their sling shots and the sponges didn’t make loud noises or leave holes in the wall!

Have matching pairs of animal cards, and give each child one card, during circle time. sing: Noah, “Noah had an Ark, Ei-Ei-O” same tune as Old Macdonald had a farm. The the children are called by pairs of animal (#2) recognition and bring the animal cards to the teacher, or put them in a designated place, such as a basket. Great fun for the kids, great game and easy to implement.

Noah’s Ark Story For parachute fun. Sing the song “Rise, Shine, Give God Glory.” Have your class hold the parachute and walk clockwise as you sing the verse. “The Lord said to Noah…” When you get to the chorus, “Rise, Shine Give God Glory” raise the parachute high and low. Then walk counter clockwise for the send verse. “The animals they came, they came in by twos, twos…” Again “Rise and Shine”. The for a lot of fun when you sing the verse about “Rained and Poured for Forty Long Days, Days” Shake the parachute. Then by the end of the song you “Rise and Shine…” your parachute for the ending. This is an exciting way to teach Noah’s story in a fun way. The children really love the cues of when to change directions, raise and lower the parachute and make the rain!

While teaching on Noah. Give each child animal crackers. Make sure they have two of each kind. Let them pair them up like Noah did. Afer they are done playing they can eat them.

A great idea to add to Noah’s Theme would be an animal matching game. This could be teacher made. Find pictures of animals then make two copies. Color them, glue them to tagboard and contact paper them. Presto!! A matching game. The children love to play this game.