Old Testament Art

When teaching about Joseph’s coat of many colors, take brown paper sacks & cut them to make “coats” for the children & let them paint or glue colorful strips onto the sacks. You need to cut a hole for their arms, head and cut them up the front. The kids love this activity!

Our nursery school’s Bible theme last week was Noah’s Ark. For a bible creative I cut out shapes of the Ark, then allowed the children to color them and then they glued animal crackers/cookies to their ark. For their names I put “child’s name” Ark. (eg. “Maria’s Ark”) If you try this creative, make sure they glue more cookies than they eat. Have Fun!!

My 3 and 4 year olds made a great Noah’s Ark bulletin board. We cut out wavy shapes from 3 shades of blue construction paper for the water. Then we finger-painted the rainbow, glued a sun in the sky and used cotton balls for clouds. I made the Ark from brown construction paper and the children glued on windows. On each window they glued an animal sticker. I considered using animal crackers, but decided against it, since the little ones might be tempted to eat a few as they passed by in the hallway.