Old Testament Art

For Noah’s Ark rainbow, I color a rainbow with markers and laminate it. Then the children place Skittles on the appropriate color. I also send a small bag of candy and a rainbow home for the children to do with their parents.

Here is a cute idea to use when talking about Noah’s Ark. Have a pre-cut ark shape and a white piece of construction paper as a background. staple the ark to the white paper so that it is bowed, making a pocket, leaving the top open. Let the children color in the water and a rainbow and then give them some animal cookies to put into the ark.

We used a very large cardboard box to make a child-size Noah’s ark. We flattened the box, cut it into an ark shape, complete with windows and drawbridge-type door, and went outside to paint it. The kids had a great time painting, with large brushes, and they used an old sponge mop to get the areas that were hard to reach. Once dry, we moved it inside, and using two tables and a back wall, set up our ark. It was large enough for 4 pre-schoolers at a time to be inside the ark. The children all brought in their favorite stuffed animals. It made a great learning experience and the photographs we took were full of smiles.

ON a standard sheet of construction paper (we used light blue paper) we gave the children cut outs of tree trunks(brown), and green tree tops. The children glued 2-3 “trees” on their pages. Then each child was given a bottle of glue and a small bowl of “Trix” cereal. (Trix cereal is made of many different colors of fun fruit shapes) We encouraged the children to glue lots of “fruit” on their trees. The children were then given green markers to “scribble” grass under the trees. At the top of each page the children glued pre-printed strips of paper that had the following Bible verse “And God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, … and the fruit tree yielding fruit…And God saw that it was Good” Genesis 1:11 & 12 KJV.

On an extra large sheet of white paper we drew a 6 inch circle about 3/4 of the way up from the bottom of the page. The children painted the circle yellow. The we used yellow paint to handprint the right hand of the child and put about 6 handprints around the outside of the circle. This makes a really cute sunshine. Under the sun each child was given a pre-printed verse to glue to his page. Our verse went like this “God made made the great light to rule the day…and God saw that it was good” Genesis 1:16 – 18 KJV

When my class studies the Ten Commandments, using bulletin board paper, I cut out a large “tablet” shape. It is in the shape of Moses’ stone tablet. Write 5 commandments on each side, leaving plenty of space between them for the children to illustrate. The children love the chance to really think about them and illustrate them. The best part is when it is displayed for all to see.