Ocean Songs

Five Little Lobsters (to the tune of 5 Little Pumpkins)

Five little lobsters sitting on a rock.

The first one says, ” I don’t have time to talk”

The second one says, “There are fishies over there.”

The third one says, “But we don’t care”

The fourth one says, “Let’s swim and swim and swim”

The fifth one says, “We don’t have any fins!”

Then swish went their tails and snap went their claws.

The five little lobsters strolled out of sight.

Five little fishes (hold up five fingers) swimming in the sea (one hand to be fish swimming side to side) teasing Mr. shark (hands by head, thumbs in ears, wiggle back and forth) “can’t catch me” (shake index finger) along came Mr. shark (two hands together prayer style swimming back and forth) quiet as can be, (hold index finger to lips) snap, snap, snap (clap hands together like a shark’s mouth) now there’s four little fishes swimming in the sea (hold up four fingers)

count down one fish at a time and then at the end of one little fishie swimming in the sea, instead of no more fishes you sing… “now Mr. shark said I’m full” (rubbing tummy)

ocean, ocean
big and blue
ocean, ocean
how do you do?
ocean, ocean
what do you see?
ocean, ocean
You’re looking at me!

5 little fishies swimming out to sea, singing look mama, look mama, look at me! You better be careful or the whale is going to get you, but the fishies didn’t listen, so gulp, gulp, gulp!

4 fishies until there are none left.

(In tune of row row row your boat)
Flap flap flap your fins gently in the ocean, orca, narwhal, blue, and gray glide gently through the ocean.

Nemo Song (sung to Bingo)
In the ocean lived a fish and Nemo was his name O N-e-m-o N-e-m-o N-e-m-o And Nemo was his name O