Ocean Snacks

Coral Reefs

Give each child 10 crunchy Cheetos. Use the cheese that squirts from a can to “glue” the Cheetos together. Arrange them to look like coral. When placed on a blue napkin they look like “coral reefs”.

Beach Walk Snack

Pretend that you are walking on the beach and these are the things you find! In a large plastic bag or bowl, mix together the following:

pretzels (driftwood)
fish-shape crackers
chocolate chips (beach pebbles)
chow mein noodles (seaweed)
cereal (life preservers)
bits of dried fruit (shells and coral)
Place a handful of the seaside Mixture in little baggie for each child.

For a beach vacation, use pre-made (easier) sugar cookies, any flavor white frosting, blue food coloring and graham crackers. Mix food color with frosting, let kids spread it on cookie, then smash (and this can be very fun for the kids) the crackers and sprinkle on cookie for sand! Yum!

I used to eat these when I was a kid. What you do is you make sugar cookies. Cook them until they are almost golden like a beach. Sprinkle sugar on the cookie to make it look like sand. Ice half of it with blue icing to make it look like an ocean. I used to love eating this because the icing tastes so good!

For our theme on oceans, we make our own beach. Supplies needed are a small bowl (can be paper or Styrofoam) or a large cup. (bowls work best), vanilla pudding, blue food coloring, Nilla wafers, small party umbrellas (like the kind for drinks and usually can be found in craft or party stores). Place Nilla wafers in Ziploc baggies and have children crush wafers using a rolling pin or round block. Next prepare pudding if not already made, add blue food coloring and mix well. Pour blue pudding into half of bowl or cup, then add finely crushed Nilla wafers to the other half. Open umbrella and place on the Nilla wafer beach. Gummy fish can be added to the ocean and sometimes you can even find gummy grabs for the beach. The kids like the beach so much they almost don’t want to eat them.