Ocean Art

We made octopus balloon animals in class and the children decorated them. I had all the balloons blown up ahead of time and let the children watch me make the octopuses. I learned how to make them from the web site http://www.angelfire.com/hi3/PamsPlace/balloons/ After I was finished making them, the children glued paper punch dots on the head to make eyes, nose and a smile face. We had fun play time later. Be careful using balloons with small children, though.

For our ocean unit we make our own take home aquariums. First we finger paint blue on large white paper. The more swirls and twirls the better. While the paint is still wet we sprinkle silver glitter all over the page. Next the children each get two fish shapes made of white paper. We make each fish different by dropping water colored with food coloring all over the fish. The science droppers are the best to use for lots of fine motor work. When the paint dries we glue the fish to the water and add colored shell macaroni and sand to the bottom.

Rainbow Fish 1 white paper plate Draw and cut out fish fins and a fish tail. A large fin on one end of the plate and a smaller fin on the opposite side of the plate. And of course the tail on the end of the fish. Tear into small pieces various colors of construction paper. Glue fins to plate and draw a fish eye on the plate. Glue the little pieces on the plate for scales. Sprinkle glitter on one of the fins. Now you’ve made your own Rainbow Fish. Have a swimmin good time.

During oceans week our students make sandpaper seahorses. First you cut out a shape of a seahorse out of fine sandpaper, or if they are old enough they can do it themselves. Next children decorate their sandpaper with crayons. You must have the children press hard as they color. They can decorate it with many different colors. Next the teacher takes the finished product and lays it face down on a piece of construction paper. With light heat run an iron over the back, this melts they crayon onto the paper making a very neat sandpaper seahorse. Just be very careful that the teacher is the only one to handle the iron and there is close supervision. You can also do this project with other sea animals like fish or whales.

Glue Cheerios to a an octopus pattern. You can talk about the letter O, count his legs, and count the number of Cheerios to put on each leg.