Ocean Art

This is a so cute & so easy & so cheap shark to make:

Take a legal size envelope. Lick it shut. Slit open the end of one the short sides so that you can insert your hand into it. On the other short side, cut out a triangle like an open mouth >. Now take the triangle and glue it sticking up from the top of the envelope for the dorsal fin. Add eyes, teeth and color. Kids can stick their little hands inside and it makes a puppet.

Ocean in a Jar –

Need a Jar– Sand–Jewels–Seashells–& Blue colored water. Fill jar with the first four then add water. Finish by gluing a shell to top of lid and put tie raffia around. Write the child’s name followed by Island on the jar with a paint pen. (ex. Brandons Island). They love taking them home!

Decorated Shells

I purchased the largest shell style noodles I could find. They are the kind you would use to make stuffed shells. I then allowed the kids to decorate them with markers. We used paint markers but regular washable ones worked too. We discussed how each shell is different in the ocean just like each of their shells was different. The shells did not break as easily as I expected and were about the size of a childs fist, plenty of room to decorate. They were very enthused to do this in my 3’s class.

Starfish: Cut a large starfish shape from white paper. Have kids paint shape with watercolors, then sprinkle coarse salt on top. Dry flat, brush off dried salt. Salt leaves beautiful marks on the paint.

For a fun, easy fish project, I set out zip-loc bags (the smaller size), blue hair gel, fish (cut out of clear plastic sheets), wiggle eyes, glue and permanent markers. I invited the children to decorate a fish any way they liked with the markers. They also glued on wiggle eyes to either side of the fish. When the glue dried, the children put their fish into a zip-loc bag and squeezed the hair gel into the bag. When they had finished, they sealed the bag shut and we hung the “fish in water” on windows around the room. The children really enjoyed this!