Ocean Art

Make Sally the seashell with two shells and eyes (hot glue them), help children make up stories. Can make a book with the stories for each child with the title page as “Sally the seashell tales” author/illustrator as the child.

I cut out large shapes of dolphins out of poster board and let the kids paint them blue or gray. I let them glue on a large black button for the eye. Simple and nice!

I let the kids stuff white lunch sacks with newspaper. I stapled shut and then cut (the original open end) the end to look like a whale tail and then re-stapled it as needed. The children then painted it gray and glued on a large wiggle eye on each side of the front area. I drew a mouth and it was sooo cute and the kids and parents both loved it!

Octopus Painting

This takes some prep, but is worth it. Tie the thumb of a latex glove in a knot, then turn the glove inside out. Do the same with a second glove. Fill both gloves with water or sand so they are still squishy, not firm. Tie the wrists of the gloves in a knot, & secure with a rubber band if needed. This is your “octopus”. Pour paint into a shallow container, and have the children dip their octopus into the paint and “swim” it all over their paper. My kids (2’s & 3’s) loved this activity.

* small paper plates

* plaster of paris

* small shells

* fish and sea life shaped confetti

* blue glitter or sand

Pour enough plaster of paris to fill bottom of plate (we used blue plates). Sprinkle on glitter or sand and place small shells and sea life shapes onto plaster. Allow an afternoon to dry. We called them “God’s Blue Ocean”. This makes a great sensory project.