Ocean Art

A fun idea we did with our four-year olds was to make beaches in a bottle. We provided bottles, sand, water, shells and a funnel. The children poured in the sand that they desired, some shells and them water. We glued the cap on the bottle and the finished product is a child made ocean!

Easy Sand Art – using regular table salt and food coloring plus baby food jars. First mix in food coloring with regular table salt. Do not use much food coloring since it will make the salt too wet and not absorb. Once complete, start layering the colored salt into baby food jars. The kids can help make the colored salt. (I have used this idea at several birthday parties and in my classroom)

Cut a fishbowl shape out of white construction paper and several fish shapes out of sponges. Have the children color the paper blue with crayons. Once done coloring dip sponges in paint then press onto fishbowl. This looks like a really cute fishbowl that almost looks real!

I had my two-year olds paint a paper plate red. When they dried we folded them in half and stapled 4 strips of red paper on each side to make a crab. Then the children glued on wiggle eyes to complete the crabs.

This is a great texture starfish! I purchased wooden stars, not the straight five-pointed ones, they have a little curve to them. I mixed some tempera paint to make a coral color. The children painted a star. Then in a plastic container we added Elmer’s glue, the rest of the coral paint and white rice. I let the children help add the ingredients and stir. Then we put each star on a piece of wax paper. They then take a spoon and spoon the rice mixture onto the star. With their fingers they shape the rice to the points of the star. This will begin to dry quickly, tell them to push down on the rice so it will adhere to the wooden star. When they are dry you can add wiggle eyes and a magnet on the back for a cute starfish magnet! We have a metal door so we have a door covered in starfish.