Ocean Art

When talking about the ocean talk about all the different animals that live in the ocean. Talk about an octopus and how they have eight legs. Give each child a paper plate. (the cheap kind work best) Let them tear up tissue paper and glue it to the paper plate. Give them eight strips of paper and let them fold them back and forth like a fan. Glue the legs onto the paper plate and let them add eyes and a mouth. Don’t worry about the octopus being all one color they will turn out cuter if they aren’t.

For Ocean/Beach themed art where the kids used sand as one type of material. I mixed a package of Koolaid (purple, blue, or green) with the play sand (about 3 cups of sand, and then added a handful of glitter. When the sand/koolaid mixture hits the wet glue, the sand changed color slightly. It is really cool to see the effect…the glitter adds an extra touch of sparkle.

Here’s a great idea for your Ocean theme! My class made jellyfish. You will need 2 cardboard bowls per child (Styrofoam bowls don’t work well because the paint peels off), blue & purple paint, & blue & purple crepe paper. First, have each child paint 1 bowl purple & 1 bowl blue. When the bowls have dried, glue the bowls together (1 of each color)we used a hot glue gun (Teachers only!). Then, let each child glue on the blue & purple crepe paper strips to the bowls & you have a jellyfish! The children really loved this activity & the jellyfish are being displayed in our classroom, where we get lots of comments on them.

Find some wall size paper (white). Have the children paint it blue (the paper), then while the paint is still wet have the children sprinkle sand on the bottom half of the paper. The next day, I gave the children pictures of kinds of fish to color. When they finished coloring them, I had them glue the fish to the blue paper. we hung our “ocean” up on the wall and had the children watch Finding Nemo. While they watched the film I glued a small picture of Nemo on “our ocean”, and had the children try to find him!

After reading the book Swimmy, I had the children paint bubble wrap (small bubbles) using red paint and then rub a piece of fish-shaped paper over the bubble wrap and then gluing a small black fish on for the eye. The resulting fish was glued onto light blue paper for water.