Ocean Art

Mosaic Ocean
I had my three years old cut up a piece of blue construction paper into little pieces. I told them the pieces were all waves. Then I had them glue the pieces onto a white piece of paper to make the ocean. I wrote “My blue ocean” at the top. They loved this project. It was great for their cutting and gluing practice!

Great way for kids to make crabs using paint and their hands. paint the child’s hand and place, right of center, on the paper with the thumb pointed straight up and the fingers to the right. Fold the paper in two at the base of the palm. When you open it up, it looks like a little crab with eyes and 8 legs!

To make jellyfish, we used coffee filters, liquid starch, and water colors…
First take the coffee filters and saturate them in water. wring out slightly have kids watercolor them, then dip them in liquid starch so they stay a bit hard. use a hole punch to punch a few holes for “tentacles” and use yarn. for older kids we had them tie on the tentacles younger needs help at it..
to dry drape them over a bottle so they keep their shape…When they are all dry,it’s really amazing how they really look like jellyfish!!!

Fish prints this is a fun and stinky project! But it makes a really neat print. I have even had parents frame them. I try to do it outside.

take a plain piece of white paper and draw a fish bowl. Let the children take fish cut from colored paper and glue them into the tank as well as seaweed cut from green paper. You can glue fish tank rocks or rocks cut from paper on the bottom of the bowl. This can also be substituted w/ sand. The kids love it….