Ocean Art

Octopus – cover a margarine container with colored paper and glue on 8 streamer legs, then curl these around a pencil; add eyes and mouth.

Tissue paper fish – fold A3 sheet of paper in half and put a pre-drawn A4 fish inside for children to trace; remove and have them trace on other side; glue 3 tissues in middle before gluing around outer edge of fish; when dry cut out.

Jellyfish – a foil pie tin or paper plate – add a variety of coloured streamers to it for tentacles after the children have twisted these every inch or so.

Cellophane fish – make a fish shape from thin cane by taping it together about 2 inches from ends; select piece of cellophane and put glue onto the cane then place on cellophane; do same on other side; add eyes and mouth.(This is good for estimating – children have to select paper that will cover the cane) When dry, cut outside edge.

Crabs – these are made from 2 sections, the shell and body/legs – glue 2 tissues to middle of body, then on shell glue split peas/soup mix;when dry, glue shell to body ,paint and put on eyes. We display these in a paddle pool with rocks, sand and shells.