Ocean Art

Sand painting……. you can just add sand to your paint giving the paint a different texture or you can let the children paint and then sprinkle sand on their pictures.

Sand Art……….color white play sand using either tempera paint, if you use the liquid as opposed to the powder, the liquid will have to dry, but it gives the sand a deeper, richer color. Give the children baby food jars and let them put in different layers of colored sand. Using plastic spoons, funnels, and craft sticks can enhance this activity for them. Make sure you let them fill their jar up all the way to the top because the sand will settle. Also, they can glue small seashells to the lid and you can hot-glue the lid on, so they can’t take it off!! Don’t let them shake the jars. If they do all the colors will just mix together! Have Fun!

To make a cute octopus just paint your hands. Paint the palm one color and each finger excluding the thumb different colors. Put your prints on paper. Now repeat using the same colors on the other hand, and print overlapping a bit.


*fishing poles*

*rubber worms*

*butcher paper*

*tempera pain*

Attatch rubber worms to the ends of fishing lines. Invite children to dip the worms in the paint and then dangle them on the butcher paper to make interesting worm designs.

Pre – cut, (large 18 -20 inches) sealife shapes like Lobsters, sharks, whales, octopus, all different fish shapes etc. let children paint two matching shapes,stuff with newspaper strips, staple together, and hang with fishing line from ceiling. Add blue and green streamers to ceiling to complete ocean on the ceiling.

To make an ocean scene take a zip lock bag & squirt some blue GEL toothpaste inside. Let the children squish it around & push the air out. Close the bag & put ocean life stickers on the outside of the bag.. The kids love it!