Ocean Art

Make a BEAUTIFUL backdrop for all your under the sea art! I got a large sheet of muslin 3yds, 52″ wide (1.19/yd) and hung it up with clothespins outside, I filled 7 spray bottles with water mixed with food coloring, or water mixed with watercolors (kind in tubes), different shades of blue, green,and some purple.I let the kids spray the muslin, they loved it, worked on it for 45 min. and let it dry.I hung this up on a wall inside and hung up our starfish and fish that we made on it. BEAUTIFUL! The colors bleed together and give a tyedye like effect, really looks like the ocean!

When using fish as a topic, I give each child a picture of a large fish. Using colored glue, {which can be homemage by adding food coloring to the bottle} and small pieces of streamers the children have the opportunity discover “new” fish in the environment!

Cut out different color construction paper starfish. Have the children glue on cheerios for the suction cups that are found on real starfish.

Okay boys and girls, here is a great and creative idea. Get some sand and put it in a box deep enough so you can make a hole. In the hole of sand you put various shells, sand dollars, sea things. You then mix plaster of paris according to package directions, pour over shells. Wait 30 minutes, lift. TADA!!!!! There you have it, a pretty collection of sea items all in one!

Use styrofoam trays that meat is packaged in from the supermarket (editors note: make sure to bleach the trays or ask your butcher for clean trays). Color glue and have the children spread it on the stryo tray. Sprinkle colored sand, glue small seashells, and some pepperidge farm snack fish. Put a sheet of clear plastic wrap over the tray. Instant aquarium!!!!!