Ocean Art

Cut out a fish shape. Have the children paint the shape with watered down glue. Put pieces of colored tissue paper on the glue. Put on one small piece of aluminum foil. Read the book Rainbow Fish before activity.

Fingerpaint with blue and white on fingerpaint paper. Cut assorted size and shape fishes for child to stick on the wet paint. I invite them to stick on one fish for each member of their family. We cover the painting with saran wrap to keep the “wet” look.

We made paper crabs, fairly large, mixed tempra paint, purple & yellow & orange/red with glue. The kids painted their crabs, then sprinkled crushed up fruit loops over the top. ( We shook off the extra ) It looked like the crabs had crawled through colored sand! And it smelled good too!

Various ocean cutouts (whales, sharks, seahorses, seaweed, etc.)Glue ,blue cellophane, paper plates

Give each child two paper plates of equal size. Cut the center out of one plate. On the other plate have the child glue ocean cutouts. When dry cover the cutouts with blue cellophane. Top with other plate and Voila!! Instant aquarium.