Ocean Art

Use a square piece of contact paper with half of the backing paper pulled down so that the sticky side is available. Let children sprinkle aquarium rocks, torn green strips of paper (seaweed) and either precut fish or fish snacks on to the contact paper. When children are done fold the other side of contact paper over the creation and seal all sides. Now you have a sea sun catcher.

“Starfish” cut a starfish shape out of heavy white paper let kids paint glue on it then sprinkle sand on top for rough texture like a starfish.

Confetti fish: You will need a garbage sack and some paper and glue. have the kids rip up pieces of paper and put them in the garbage sack then they each get a piece of paper shaped like a fish and cover it with glue then put them in the garbage sack and shake it when they pull it out it is covered with the confetti. It also works with foil then they get shiny fish!

Cut out a large fish shape for each child. Place three bowls of bubbles on the table, each bowl having a different color food coloring added. The children blow bubbles onto their fish, and the design is quite nice… all different colors!

Have the children paint real shells and make prints on butcher paper. Each shell has a unique texture and design.