Ocean Art

Paper Plate Fish

Using a large paper plate cut a small triangle from the plate. Have each child watercolor the plate and the triangle. When dry have the children draw on an eye and attach the triangle to the back-end of the fish for its tail. Where you first cut the triangle out will be the fish’s mouth.

For our Under the Sea unit, the children made jellyfish. Instead of using construction paper, I used contact paper. I cut two strips and put them together so they were clear. Then I cut the jellyfish out using the pattern. I hole punched three holes on right and left side. I let the children paint the contact paper shaped jellyfish an aqua blue and allowed them to dry. Then I tied a single strip of curly ribbon in each hole punched. The children then glued a long rectangle pre-cut strip of pink cellophane in the middle of the jellyfish. Then I cut little upward snips the length of scissor blade in the cellophane. The cellophane tears so easily that I cut this part instead of letting the children. The jellyfish looked very good hanging in a mural on the wall.

After reading the book, “Swimmy” by Leo Lionni, give the children with a piece of construction paper cut into a fish shape. Have them paint with sponges cut into fish shapes dipped in red paint, and one dipped in black paint for “Swimmy” to make the eye. This makes for a cute “fish” display either on a bulletin board or a special wall. This idea was shared with me by our Pre-K teacher, Miss Tracie.

Paper Plate “aquariums”:

supplies needed: two 9″ white paper plates blue Saran Wrap goldfish crackers gummy fish assorted ocean stickers crayons or markers stapler

First using an Exacto knife, cut a circle about 6″ across in the center of one of the paper plates. tape a piece of the blue Saran Wrap into the resulting opening. This will the front of your “aquarium”. (It’s easier for the adult to do this step prior to craft time…I learned this the hard way!) Then, give each child a paper plate and access to the goldfish crackers, gummy fish, stickers, etc., so he/she can design an ocean scene. When the child is done, staple the front “window” to the paper plate, and voila! You have an aquarium full of fish and blue water! My students (and their parents!) love this activity!


Tissue paper Gold fish You need tissue paper , old newspaper ,string glitter and glue. Give each child a one piece of Newspaper and crumble to make a ball. Then put the ball in the center of the tissue paper then wrap the ball so the ends of the tissue paper will make the fish tail. Tight a pipe cleaner or any kind of rope around the tail . Glue wiggle eyes on both sides spray with glue and shake some glitter on it . We hang our fish from the ceiling So they can “Swim” when the wind blew.