Ocean Art

First read the Rainbow Fish. Then make rainbow fish. Have white fish cut outs ready. Put them in an empty meat tray. Then dip marbles into paint and roll it around the tray. The result will be a unique colorful fish.

Baby Food Jar Aquariums

Need: Baby food jars with lids, blue and green food coloring, fish stickers, water, hot glue gun or rubber cement

Each child fills baby food jar 3/4 full of water. Add drop of blue and drop of green food coloring. Teacher hot glues the top of the baby food jar and screws on – so it won’t leak. Or child can rubber cement the lid – be careful though – baby food jars are hard to get on tight. After lid is on, give the children fish stickers to stick on the outside of the jar. It’s a simple but clever aquarium.

Under the Sea Art: They put glue on the bottom of white construction paper and sprinkle sand on it. Have cut outs of fish, dolphins, shells, octopi, and other ocean animals for the children to choose from. They color and cut out their choices and glue them on white construction paper. Cover entire sheet with a piece of blue saran wrap and tape the wrap securely on the back using clear wrapping tape. Great ocean picture and children can see how the colors of their animals changed also.


Cut out of yellow or pink construction paper the shape of a seahorse. Then have the children sponge paint the seahorse and your done. Something quick and easy, but the children enjoy them and they turn out cute. You could also do this with a dolphin shape and a fish shape.


You need brown paper lunch bags, have the children paint the bag all over bright colors. Let them dry. When dry give the children several long strands of colorful streamers. Have them place newspaper into the bag this gives it the stuffed look for the jellyfishes body. Then have them place one end of each streamer into the bag. The children will need help in sealing the bag, you can use rubber bands for that. then your done we had hung them from the ceiling and made an ocean scene on the ceiling also.