Ocean Art

Cut out the shape of any ocean animal. Also cut out the inside of the animal leaving about a half an inch of paper. Then let the children paste tissue paper of different colors onto wax paper. When this is dry, allow them to glue the shape of their animal over the wax paper. Stick up on window, makes a beautiful stained glass picture 🙂

This is an old art form that has been forgotten, I think. But my kids enjoy it and each have fishes hanging from their bedroom ceiling… Items need: * small round balloons * string * newspaper (I prefer splurging for white) * 1 cup starch * 3 cups water * colored tissue paper * construction paper or poster board.

Directions: Mix starch and water together in a saucepan and stir over low heat with wooden spoon until mixture is sticky. Blow up balloon and tie tightly with string. Tear newsprint into strips. Rub starch mixture cooled to warm all over balloon. Dip newsprint into mixture, piece by piece. Run through fingers to take off excess starch. Smooth each piece onto, balloon overlapping until it’s covered. Hang overnight to dry. When hard, puncture with pin to let out air. Now with tissue paper tear into pieces. You can either glue straight on or we balled ours up the glued on for texture. You can cut fins and tail from construction paper or lightweight cardboard to complete.

SHINY CRABS- a cutout of a crab put corn syrup on it and red and yellow tempera paint. Let the kids finger-paint. When dry they will look like shiny crabs.

Rainbow fish-

Cut out a fish shape then cut out pieces of either tissue paper or construction paper squares for gluing on. Then out of aluminum foil cut out one shiny piece for the special scale.

Each child is given a small piece of thick card. On this card they will put a thick layer of PVA craft glue onto which they spread dried split peas, barley etc.. When this card has dried, the children then decorate a small starfish with glitter or sequins. The starfish will then be glued on top of the dried peas. There you have a starfish on the bottom of the ocean.