Ocean Art

Make an ocean using white paper, blue finger paint, sand, seashells and ocean clip art.

Finger-paint entire paper blue and add sand along the bottom for the ocean floor. Let dry overnight. Color, cut and glue various ocean clip arts to the scene. Glue small seashells to the sand. Makes an awesome picture.

Ocean in a Bag…Squirt blue toothpaste into Ziploc bags. Seal and allow children to squish the paste around in the bag until the entire surface is covered with blue. Then close the bag and have the children to stick ocean stickers on the outside of the bag. in a pinch if you can’t find the right stickers, just cut out fish shapes and glue onto the bag. The room will smell nice and minty. Plus, the parents really adored the project hung in the room!

Provide starfish shapes for the children to cut out. Then let the children dip a piece of bubble wrap into paint and paint the underside of their starfish. The bubble wrap mentioned is the kind you would wrap a breakable piece of mail in. This gives the starfish “suckers”! Another way of using the bubble wrap is just to glue it onto the underside of the starfish instead of painting.

I cut 2 pieces of newspaper into the shape of a crab. Then I stapled them together leaving about a two-inch gap. The children stuffed their crabs with newspaper and then painted them red. When they were dry, we glued on googly eyes and twisted pieces of newspaper for their legs. We also glued on big red pinchers.