Nursery Rhyme Science

Discovering what floats and sinks in Jack and Jill’s pail of water is always a hit with my preschoolers. Water in any form instantly attracts the attention of preschoolers.

What happened to Jack’s candle? Within a safe distance from children, light a small candle. Discuss parts of the candle…wick, wax, flame. Discuss what makes the candle burn. Then place a large, clear jar over the candle and let the children watch what happens. Discuss why the flame disappeared. My classes have always enjoyed this during our circle time and in small groups.

“Humpty Dumpty” As a group activity in the science center give each child in your class one raw egg. Provide for them different types of materials, such as old pillows, blankets, cardboard, and other scraps. Talk to the child about how fragile an uncooked egg is. From there let each child choose a piece of material. Some may choose that same material . Ask each child about there material, is it soft, hard, thick, thin, and so on. then ask each child whether their material will save the egg from breaking if the egg were to fall like Humpty Dumpty. After they answer let each child choose a height to drop their egg. As each child drops their egg record the height that they dropped the it from and the result of the fall. In doing so you can compare the fall of one child’s egg on let say a pillow to the fall of another child’s egg on to the same surface, but at a different height. The children enjoy this activity and learn from it as well.