Nursery Rhyme Games

A good language/sequencing activity is to review a familiar nursery rhyme. Then cut out sentence strips with various lines from the nursery rhyme or have different pictures displaying scenes from the nursery rhyme. Have the children place the nursery rhyme in the correct order and retell it to you.

Have a child sit on a chair. He or she can pretend to be eating their curds and whey, when along comes another child (spider) and frightens little Mr. or Miss Muffet away! The children really enjoy play acting this nursery rhyme.

For math readiness I have the children count dog bones when we read “Old Mother Hubbard” .This is great because the kids who have dogs can bring them home after and give their poor dog a bone.

For “Jack Be Nimble”: A great transition activity is to role play “Jack Be Nimble.” We use this to line up when we go outside-Place a bean bag in the middle of the circle, then call out “(child’s name) be nimble (child’s name) be quick, (child’s name) jump over the bean bag quick!” This is a lot of fun and kid’s love it when you put their names into songs and rhymes!

I used die-cut sheep with each child’s name on each sheep. I hid the sheep all around the classroom. I gave each child “clues” where their sheep was hiding (under the art table, behind a certain book, etc) and they found “Bo Peep’s” lost sheep.

When studying Jack Be Nimble, I copied off the words onto small pieces of paper. I then helped the children roll a piece of paper into a tube. We taped it together, taped the words around the outside and added a paper flame. The children had a candle to jump over and the words to take home. They loved pretending to be Jack.

Jack & Jill Be Nimble: Paint a toilet paper tube and a paper towel tube to look like candles. We made flames out of construction paper. As you recite the rhyme “Jack be nimble” insert the child’s name (Timmy be nimble..) as you recite the rhyme the children are instructed to jump over the candlestick, we start with the short one and proceed to the taller one. We then go on to challenge the students, jump quickly, jump over and back again etc. The kids really enjoy this movement in our class.

Use a large sheet of butcher paper – Write out sections of nursery rhymes, have a group of students illustrate the nursery rhymes. Display them on a wall or have students walk across the completed projects and “read” as they walk. (For example, 1/The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout 2/Down came the rain and washed the spider out 3/Out came the sun and dried up all the rain 4/The itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again).

Recite “Little Miss Muffet”, have the students brainstorm where Little Miss Muffet could go when she ran away: write the students response at the bottom of their illustrations.

Recite “Humpty Dumpty”, have the students draw a picture to illustrate the following sentence: Humpty Dumpty sat on a _______. Make a class book.