Nursery Rhyme Art

The little old woman who lived in a shoe:

I cut out a huge shape of a shoe (like the tall one for this rhyme) and I let the kids decorate it with paint and all kinds of stuff. When it was finished I let them paste a picture of themselves on it. It made a nice classroom project and the parents go a kick out of it.

I let the kids paint a handprint with black of each of their hands beside one another on a sheet of white paper to form a spider. They got to add wiggle eyes and I pasted on the bottom edge of their work the nursery rhyme of “little miss muffet”.

I cut out large shapes of a pumpkin and let the kids paint it orange, or they could color it or decorate it however. I cut out a “window” shape and placed their picture in it. I put them on a bulletin board with the “peter, peter pumpkin eater nursery rhyme, or you could print the rhyme and paste it on the back.

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,

Had a wife and couldn’t keep her;

He put her in a pumpkin shell,

and there he kept her very well.

I read the kids “the queen of hearts” and then they made crowns with glitter and hearts all around. They also made wands with paper towel rolls and a heart at the end with glitter. They were pretty and the kids played with them all day!

We did this for Old Mother Hubbard. Take a piece of large, colored construction paper. Fold it so that the two ends fold inward towards the middle. (so it looks like you are opening a cabinet door). Give the children small dog biscuits to glue on the inner, flat piece of the paper, to look like dog bones on the shelf inside the cabinet.

Mother Goose Hat: Draw head of goose with hat on white construction paper, give one to each child. Use scraps of colored tissue paper to glue on hat. These are wonderful if child crumples little pieces, they look like flowers. Glue wiggly eyes on goose face. Cut white lengths from white construction paper, measure to fit child’s head and staple to face. Children love wearing hats!