Numbers Art For Preschoolers

Numbers Art

Numbers Art  For Preschoolers

I do this activity with preschoolers. I take and cut out numbers from fun foam, I then give them all different materials such as paper, buttons, wiggle-eyes, pom-poms and so on. They can just glue what ever they like on the number. Kind of like a collage!

Purchase or make numbers out of sponges and let the children sponge paint!

Have the kids cut out a number pre-traced on construction paper. Then allow them to glue collage items on that number… but the items should equal the number they’re gluing it to.

Have the child pick out their favorite number. Then draw that number(bubbled) on construction paper. Then let them decorate that number with glitter and when they are done have them cut it out. I then used construction paper to make a headband and stapled their number to it and then they have a hat made from their favorite number. My kids loved it!!!!