No Flannel Board No Worries

flannel board

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When you don’t have a flannel board for flannel board stories, you use your back!!

I am a very prepared teacher.  I make sure that I have everything needed for my daily curriculum in the trunk of my car the night before class.

This particular day, I was out of sorts.  I forgot to set out my handy-dandy portable flannel board.  The flannel board story was integral to my curriculum that day.

So, my co-teacher and I quickly brainstormed a solution.  My sweater was particularly fuzzy that day and the story pieces stuck on it beautifully.

My co-teacher told the story while the children stuck the corresponding pieces on my back.  It was a hit!

Lol yes, that is my back.

Have a great day!