New Year Preschool Activities

New Year Curriculum

New Year Preschool Activities

New Year Preschool Activities

Happy New Year preschool Activities for your classroom or at home.

We always make our own fireworks at the daycare I work at. We get black paper and use glue to make a firework design on it and sprinkle it with different colored glitter. Another thing we do is get Popsicle sticks and glue pieces of colored paper at one end to make sparklers. The kids loved it.

New Year Preschool Activities: This year I had my students watercolor the underside of a small but sturdy paper plate. On another plate, we wrote 2018 (could be any year) and Happy New Year. They then added streamers to the edges and we put beans inside before we stapled it shut to make a noisemaker. What made it really fun, is we also added a time capsule element. Each child drew a picture of their family and answered some questions about themselves and their dreams. We tucked those inside also and gave their parents a note asking them to save this for 6 years (until the children were 10 years old) and then open it together on New Year’s Eve. surprise!

Buy confetti from a party store. Have the children create a confetti collage on a piece of butcher paper using glue. Talk about how many people use confetti to celebrate the New Year!

Noise Maker Painting
New Year Preschool Activities

Instead of using brushed at your easel, use noisemakers! Have the children dip the noisemakers into the paint then blow into them so they splat on the paper. The children LOVE this and it is so fun to see how each picture turns out.

New Year Hats

Materials: Large pieces of white construction paper, glue sticks, crayons, stickers, and anything else you can think of to decorate the hats.

Have the children decorate their white piece of construction paper. Next, take the construction paper and, using the wide edge, bend it around the child’s head to make a pointed hat. Secure the seam of the hat with your glue stick. Punch two holes on the side of the hat and attach yarn to help keep the hat secure on the child’s head.

New Year Sculpture

Materials: Pointed drink cups that are used with water coolers, thick paste, beads, colored rice, colored macaroni, yarn scraps, fabric scraps, or anything else you can think of.

Have the children spread the thick paste all over the pointed cup. Next, have them decorate their cup with the different art mediums that you have provided. When they are done, they will have a unique New Year hat sculpture!

Here’s a cute way to ring in the new year. Give children a piece of black construction paper with the new year written on it in large numbers- ex. 2018. Have the children trace the numbers with glue and sprinkle with confetti or glitter. Happy New Year!

Fireworks painting

Using water paint drop some onto the paper then using a straw blow the paint across the paper. It looks like fireworks.

You can also put the paper on the fence and use fly swatters to splatter the paint.

Bubble Wrap Pop Countdown

Tape sheets of bubble wrap to the floor. Countdown from 10, and then the kids jump on the bubble wrap to make fireworks sounds. You can also throw confetti or crepe paper streamers. (Then have fun using masking tape to clean up the mess!)

New Year Freeze Dancing

Give each child a noise maker. Play some peppy music. While the music is playing, the children can blow their noisemakers. When the music stops, the children freeze and yell “Happy New Year.”

This is a fun game, but it can get VERY loud. You might want to do this game right before you go outside 🙂