New Child’s Play Books!

I love seeing Child’s Play’s big brown box of books show up on my porch every few months. The kids and I get to test drive new titles and see what we think. Child’s Play is an independent publisher, specializing in whole child development, learning through play, life skills, and values. Their stuff is so pretty and fun. The latest additions to their collections got a thumbs up from us! Check it out.

The What’s That board book series encourages guessing prediction, and memory skills. Four titles in the series include CHOO! CHOO!, SNAP! SNAP!, TAP! TAP!, and TOOT! TOOT!. What’s that noise? Lift the flap and find out! Lift the flap books are my go-to’s with little ones. Always a hit! Familiar themes and vibrant illustrations will mean much, repeated, and fun-filled readings.

The Seasons board book series has a separate charm all its own (Titles include Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter). Each season has something special about it, and in these books, you get to explore each one. You will follow these whimsically illustrated children as they spend time discovering the joys of indoor and outdoor play. And the durability of these board books means you can tote them around with you in each season and read them indoors or out!