My Sheltered Life

Preschool Teacher Masked Up

What a crazy ride the last six months have been, hasn’t it? There are times I sit and remember the ‘ol days (January) when I could hop in my car, go shopping at the mall, then meet friends to see a moving picture show 🤣. I say this with jest, but I do mourn the days before COVID-19 showed its ugly face. I mourn the personal interaction with people outside my “bubble.” I miss going to big venues, like concerts and plays. Getting used to a new normal has been hard, but I’m getting there.

How are you getting there, you might ask? Well, I’m a glass half full kinda gal. I try to find the positives or a substitution. Here are some examples I’ve tried. Several times my daughter, son-in-law, and I have gone to the drive-in movies. It was fantastic!!! So much fun.

I get together with my “bubble” friends (masked, temp check, no Covid Symptoms), and we watch a concert on TV. We act like we are in the first row. Let me tell you; we even got a masked mosh pit going. 😷🤘🖤

Shopping, I don’t miss it. I’m finding that I’m downsizing. I’m saving tons of money, too!

I hated wearing a mask. I have to wear glasses, and they fogged up. It was anarchy, I tell you! Then, I found some masks on Etsy that are as unique as I am, and they don’t fog the spectacles. I get funny looks with my purple hair, pink glasses, and weird masks. I love it!!

So, during this craziness, I encourage you to discover something new or find a fun, safe substitution for an activity you are missing. Let your creative juices flow!

Stay healthy, safe, and have fun!


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