Mouse Snacks

Mouse Cookie Snack

To make this snack each child will need 2 vanilla wafers (one broken in half), a small cup gray of frosting, M & Ms for eyes & nose, and pretzel sticks for whiskers. Have child spread frosting on whole vanilla wafer, attach the 1/2s for mouse ears, then add M&M eyes/nose, and pretzel whiskers. Enjoy!!

Mouse Snack

Ingredients: 1 slice bread/child strawberry jam
1 mini chocolate chip/child
1 small length of licorice/child (string type)
Heart shaped cookie cutter
Spreading knifes (I gave the children wooden Popsicle sticks)

I gave each child the opportunity to cut out a heart shape from their slice of bread. They then spread jam on bread, fold heart in half. Now place a chocolate chip at narrow end for the mouse eye and place the licorice piece at the other end for tail. This was a great activity. My 3 yr. olds did great. Then we ate our snack. We had read the “Hungry Bear, Red Ripe Strawberry and the Little Mouse that day, but any Mouse story would do. “Mouse Mess”, etc.