Mouse Games

During a study of mice and Leo Lionni, we had a cheese tasting party. The children tasted: Monterey Jack, Cheddar, and Marble Cheese. We graphed the results of their favorites and wrote My favorite cheese is _________. Then the children colored their picture of a slice of cheese to match their choice.

We used an ink pad to make finger prints (mouse body) inside a picture of a jar on its side. The children added ears, tails and eyes to their mouse body. They chose how many to make, then counted them and recorded the number. This activity goes well with the story Mouse Count.

To improve listening skills when reading “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” have props that go with the story hidden around your class and have the children take turns finding them as you read. For example, a pretend cookie, milk, straw, napkin, mirror, nail scissors, broom, bed (small box & scrap of material with powder puff), a story, paper & colors, pen, tape, 2nd glass of milk & cookie.

The Old Grey Cat

Choose 1 child to be the cat and have them “sleep” in a corner of the room not to far away.

The remaining children pretend to be the mice. I remind the children before starting that the mice always stay on the rug. (or within your defined space)

You are then able to start the game. As the mice crouch on their spots you sing:
“The old gray cat is sleeping , sleeping, sleeping
the old gray cat is sleeping in the house.”
The cat stays sleeping and you continue
“The little mice are dancing, dancing, dancing (children dance on their spot)
the little mice are dancing in the house!’
“The little mice are nibbling, nibbling, nibbling (children nibble) the little mice are nibbling in the house!
The little mice are resting, resting, resting (children get back into a resting crouch position) the little mice are resting in
the house!”
Mice stay resting and attention goes back to the cat.
“The old gray cat comes creeping, creeping, creeping , the old gray cat comes creeping in the house! The little mice go scampering, scampering, scampering , the little mice go scampering in the house!

You or the “cat” pick the next child to be the cat.
This is a very popular game but be warned the scampering mice can get out of control if limits aren’t set.