Mouse Art

Read the book Mouse Paint. Then, paint the children’s feet and let them walk all over a long piece of bulletin board paper.

First read the book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”. After reading the book create a class book. Give each child a white circular piece of paper with this sentence at the bottom: If you give a mouse_____, He will ______. and have them illustrate their response. Staple the pages together and attach to a mouse cover. (Add eyes, ears, whiskers to the cover.) Laminate and put in your reading area for the children to enjoy!

First read the book “Lunch” by Denise Fleming The story is about a mouse who eats all different colors of food and grows bigger with all different colors on him from the food he ate. After reading the story, have a gray mouse shape for each child, or let them cut one out and have them tear tissue or construction paper pieces of “food” to glue on their mouse. Add the child’s reply about their mouse and display!

Another idea after reading “Lunch” by Denise Fleming Have children do a food collage on a paper plate by either tearing simple construction paper food, or gluing on precut pictures of food from grocery ads. Have gray ovals “mice” with children’s names on them. Have them attach their mouse to their plate after food has been glued on and display on a bulletin board with the title: “What Would You Munch For Lunch?”

Prior to reading “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” collect and have your children collect different cookie wrappers and bring to school. Then read the story and after you have do a cookie wrapper collage on a round piece of poster board. Display with the title: “If You Give a Class a Cookie.”