Mother’s Day Songs

Happy Mother’s Day to You
(To the tune of “Happy Birthday”

Happy Mother’s Day to you.
Happy Mother’s Day to you.
Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mommy,
Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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“Mommy, Mommy, I Love You”
(tune: “Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Mommy, Mommy, I love you.
Yes, I do. I love you.
For all the nice things you do,
Mommy, I love you.

We discuss the “nice things” our mommies do for us. I remind the children that they can substitute “daddy” and sing the song at Fathers’ Day too. They love piggy-back songs, and even the tiny two-year-olds really sang out on this one. — Julie B.

Sung to Yankee Doodle –

I picked some flowers for my mom to make a nice bouquet,

I’ll give her a hug and a great big smile and say Happy Mother’s Day!

My Mom’s Special (Tune of Frere Jacques)

My Mom’s Special, my Mom’s special,

Special to me, special to me,

I love my Mommy Mommy loves me, too,

Lucky me, lucky me.

Sung to “Jingle bells”

Mothers Day, Mothers Day, Happy Mothers day.

Here’s a gift I’ll give to you on this Mothers Day.

I’ll clean my room, I’ll make my bed, I’ll put my toys away. I’ll be good just for you on this mother’s day.

This is a song our kids at our center love.

Momma don’t allow no “jumping ” around here
Momma don’t allow no jumping around here
I don’t care what Momma’s gonna say
I’m going to do it anyway
Momma don’t allow no “jumping” around here.

When we sing this song we shake our finger at the kids and when we are done singing the verse we say “Hey Momma said no jumping, stop jumping.” They laugh and laugh. Replace jumping with any action.