Mother’s Day Songs

I Really Love My Mother!! ( tune The more we get together the happier we will be)

I really love my mother, my mother, my mother
I really love my mother I love her so much.
She feeds me and clothes me, she hugs me and kiss me
I really love my mother I love her so much.

Tune – On Top of Old Smokey

Words from book Love you Forever by Munsch

I’ll love you for always

I’ll love you forever

As long as I’m living

My mommy you’ll be

mama’s the ray of my sun

mama’s every breath i take

mama’s the strength i carry on

mama’s every step i make

mama’s the comfort when i cry

mama’s the reason i smile

mama’s in the depth of my heart

mama’s my own world


Mother’s Day (Are You Sleeping)
We love mothers, we love mothers
Yes, we do yes, we do
Mothers are for hugging
Mothers are for kissing
We love you yes, we do!

M-o-m spells Mom, M-o-m spells
mom, we love our Mom, we love our Mom, she reads us stories every night, she tucks us in ,oh so tight, gives a kiss, turns out the light , we love our Mom, M-o-m spells Mom. {sung to the tune of “three blind mice”