Mother’s Day Science

Rainbow carnations

1 white carnation for each child, cut stem in two half way up the length food coloring containers for water and food coloring diagram of flower with leaves and roots.

Explain various parts of a flower and its uses.
Ask child what 2 colors their Mom likes and put half of stem into container containing each color.
Leave flowers like this for a day.

The next day they will have “rainbow” flowers to give to their Moms.

This activity requires several steps:

Day one: Either collect wild flowers and leaves, or purchase some small delicate flowers and leaves. Place them between waxed paper and iron if you wish….or just place between heavy books to set them.

Day two: Take the flowers out: keep the good ones and toss the bad ones. Take 2 clear plastic drinking cups and place the flowers in between the two cups after painting them with white glue. The glue will dry invisibly.

Then, plant seeds in the cup, cover with clear plastic wrap, and place in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Place the cups in front of the window from that point with the plastic wrap still on. Once you begin to see seedlings pop up, take the plastic wrap off. The kids love this process. It sounds long and involved…but it really isn’ is a lot of fun! Hopefully, there will be something growing in time for mother’s day!