Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Cupcake Flower Pot

I used a small terracotta pot (not the mini) and gave the children permanent markers to decorate their pots however they wanted to. I also gave them collage materials to glue onto the pots, if they chose to do so.

We baked red velvet cupcakes in flower cupcake liners. I bought the cupcake liners from Michael’s Craft Supplies. After the cupcakes cooled, the children made cream cheese frosting and tinted it green. After that, we used frosting decorating tips to frost the cupcakes. They used tip #233 for the grass and # 352 for the leaves. Then the children chose 2 pre-made icing flowers to place on top of the grass. I got the cupcake recipe from, but you can also go to Barefoot Contessa or Ina Garten for cupcake recipes.

Next, we made a coupon book. I used 5 sheets of pastel colored paper and attached a pink ribbon to tie the book together with the child’s picture on the front cover. The cover was decorated with drawings of the children’s mothers, and each inside page had something special they either wanted to do with their mom (such as planting flowers together) or do for them (washing dishes), along with their illustrations.

I wrapped the cupcake flower pots in cellophane with pink and gold ribbon. I attached their books to the wrapped cupcakes they made, that way we could tell who made each one. As a special surprise, I placed a small seed packet in each flower pot (under the cupcakes) in hopes that the mother and child can plant the seeds together. It is worth all the work put into it just to see the look on parents’ faces, as well as how proud the children were to give the special gifts they made.

Mothers Day Bookmarks




Precut paper into whatever size you want the bookmarks to be (I did 1 and 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches long)

On the front in marker write

My Mommy Is Special

On the back in a corner draw a heart and the child’s name in pen

On the front, on both sides of the writing, make a flower using a marker to make the center (I did this part) and fingerprints to make the pedals.

When dry laminate project.

Mothers Day Bouquet

Large Bunn coffee filters

Bio Color liquid water colors

(tropical colors are most vivid)

paint brushes

Pipe cleaners

Potpourri oil ( any scent you like)

Tissue paper ( floral patterns)

Curling ribbon

Pour several choices of watercolor into paint cups. Have children paint coffee filters, hang to dry. They are very wet but dry fast. Pull filter through hand and gather at center of the flower. twist and tighten with a pipe cleaner. Pull and shape to fan out like a flower. Label with masking tape and write names. Gather and twist into a bouquet. Wrap tissue paper around flowers and tie and curl ends with curling ribbon. We cut rectangle cards out of colored paper that the children chose. Then using scissors that make nice shapes, children wrote their names and added I love you. Hole punch and tie to flowers. Use one drop of oil onto flowers and Walla!!

Happy Mothers Day! They loved painting these. Very messy, but soooo much fun! Melody

I found some canvas tote bags on sale at Hobby Lobby, on one side I stamped a beautiful picture of flowers and painted the words, I love you Mommy. On the other side I let the children paint their hand prints with fabric paint. All of the mothers loved their totes and were really excited to see their child’s hand prints.

My daycare got this idea from a campfire group. Take your child’s photo. Take a pocket off of an old pair of blue jeans. Cut a circle in the center, add photo in between layers of jean, and decorate around the photo on the material. Add a magnet on the back-adorable!