Mother’s Day Gifts

Hugs and Kiss Box

I bought small wooden boxes (any type of box with a lid would work) from Wal-Mart and I had the kids paint the box a pretty pastel color. When the box is dried, you put Hershey Kisses and Hershey Hugs into the box. Then you attach this poem to the box:

This is a very special box, that only you can see. The reason it’s so special it’s just for you from me. It’s filled with hugs and kisses, as sweet as sweet can be. Just hold the box close to your heart, and you’ll always think of me.

During our planting theme I used the lima bean experiment and had the children wet their lima bean with a paper towel and put it in a Ziploc bag. We waited a couple of days and then planted them into a clear plastic cup. For mother’s day I bought each child in my class a clay pot (.44 cents @ Wal-Mart)I let the children paint their pots with acrylic paint then attached the following poem that I wrote:

I had a little bean and I put it in a bag, It grew roots and a stem and I was very glad, I took it and I planted it in hopes that it would grow, I gave it sun and water and the leaves began to show, I put it in a special pot that I painted just for you, I helped it grow with lots of and I know that you will too! By: Andrea Walls

I thought it turned out really cute and wanted to share it for teachers to use in the future!!

Every year for our Mother’s Day project we paint the small clay pots. We paint the bottom green (to look like grass) and the top white (to look like the sky) I then have each child place their thumb into red pain and place it on the green area. This will look like lady bugs crawling around. After it dries, I go back and add black marks to resemble a lady bug. I have never had a mom complain and the children will love doing it.

“You are my Sunshine” flower pot

You need a small clay pot, you can purchase at Wal-mart for .25. Green Styrofoam and wire sticks.

Take a picture of the student and cut into the shape of the sun. Glue a yellow construction paper sun to the back of the picture. Attach sun picture to the wire. Stick the wire into the Styrofoam and place in the clay pot. During your Mother’s Day Tea party, the children sing “You are my Sunshine” and deliver the flower to their mother. It is heart warming to parents and teachers.

I work in a classroom of two-year-olds and we found this real neat idea of painting cottage cheese containers and then planting a small plant in them.

Get some plastic prescription bottles (colored ones work well) have the children put some beads inside the container. Put them on a cookie tray and put them in the oven at 350 for a few minutes . Watch them closely. when they are melted , take them out and let them cool. They make a great broach. Just glue a safety pin on the back . Moms love them and will actually wear them.