Mother’s Day Gifts

Make a Mothers Day corsage. Fold a coffee filter (white one) into fourths. Have children color with markers and spray with water. The colors bleed through the filter. With our younger children we pre-wet the filters and let them drop on liquid watercolor paint. Let dry. Stack 3 on top of each other. Gather to make a carnation and using a green pipe cleaner, wrap it around the bottom, cut close to flower and bend up sharp edge. We sprayed them with a light perfume. We put these in a corsage bag with a pearl head pin. You could attach a poem to the bag. Moms loved them, a flower that lasts forever.

Get a big sheet of card. Write on it ‘My mummy….’

Talk about the things their mothers do for them (e.g.. take them to the beach, look after them when they’re ill, help them tie their laces) and get the children to draw pictures of this or cut out pictures from magazines. Stick them on the card and put up on the wall. Remember, some kids may not have mums so include dads, grans etc. were appropriate.

This poem can be used with prints of children’s hands around

Tiny Hands

There used to be so many of my

Fingerprints to see,

On the furniture and walls and things

From sticky, grubby me

But if you stop and think a while

You’ll see I’m growing fast,

Those tiny hand prints disappear,

You can’t bring back what’s past.

So here’s a small reminder,

To keep, not wipe away,

Of tiny hands and how they looked,

To make you smile some day.

I let each child pick two plastic spoons, the kind they use for snack works great. In the microwave I melted chocolate chips with a drop of milk and a little vanilla, I let each child dip the spoon and let it harden overnight in the refrigerator. Then I gave them plastic coffee cups with handles (party box sells them for $2 for 10)and I let them glue flowers from spring napkins on them. I wrapped up the spoon and stuck them in the cup. They also made a card that says a cup of tea for mommy & me. They can stir the spoon in their coffee, tea, milk, and each mom got an extra to share with the child.