Mother’s Day Gifts

Get a white T-shirt and stick your hands in colorful paint (mainly any color your mother likes, anything would look great!). Then put your hand prints all over the front and of the shirt and then write on the front (with a permanent marker) “my mom’s a hand on person!” or “this is how good my mom’s food is!” she’s guaranteed to LOVE IT!!!

Take a Styrofoam coffee cup, cut straight lines from the top of the cup until you get two thirds down the cup. Do this all around the cup. Put it in a toaster oven at approximately 150 degrees and watch the ends start to curl under. It happens very quickly and you must remove it before its completely curled or it will melt. This makes a great flower! Then have the children paint. When dry cut out a cute picture of the child for the center of the flower, and hot glue a pin on the back for a lovely mothers day pin.

I do this craft with my 3&4 year olds. You need a small terracotta pot for each child(their 3 for a $1.00 at Hobby Lobby) and a real Mum flower for each pot. Plant the mums 1 to 2 weeks before Mothers Day in the pot, wrap yellow & white checkered ribbon or any other color ribbon around the top of the pot. Then with yellow, blue, red etc.. puffy paint write #1 MUM on the side of the pot and let dry. My moms absolutely love these #1 Mum flowers.

Our pre-School children are adding different flower stickers to a cleaned detergent bottle w/ the spout still in tact, and making watering cans for Moms plants, then planting a small plant into the lid of the same bottle, it takes a while to get several of these saved but ask family & friends to donate. These are very cute and very useful too.

Bracelet for Mom

You will need beads and elastic.

Have children bead a bracelet using the above items.

Present to mommies on Mothers Day.

I have some mommies still wearing them on a daily basis!!!

Queen for a Day

1) Make sashes with long plastic ribbon preferably the kind in which you can write on with a permanent marker. Write something like “Mother of the Year 2003” or “Queen Mommy”. Have the sash resemble the “Miss America” sash.

2) Make crowns. In the past we used the crowns from Burger King and redecorated it. You may also make them from cardboard and foil.

3) Make a bouquet of flowers, real or artificial.

4) Have children ensure all mommies wear their Queen Attire all day on Mothers Day.